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With Your Enterprise,

We Build the Infrastructure

for On-demand 

By 2055, 60% of the world's jobs will be on-demand.*

Forward-thinking corporations know that this wave is coming. With our drive

to deliver maximum impact in society, we collaborate with enterprises in understanding customers' journeys and analyzing their business' role

in on-demand value delivery. Ultimately, we help catalyze the evolution

of corporations towards being at the forefront of the on-demand economy.

Our Collaborative Phases.

Entrepreneurial Discovery Process.

We bring our corporate partners to a radical clarity about the WHY, the WHAT and the WHO of their on-demand transformation.

The chief goal is to have the data-driven confidence to commit to the succeeding build and the brand new venture.

Solution Development.

Over the past three years, our technologists have built a sophisticated on-demand infrastructure with human-centered design optimal conversion in mind. Based on our discovery findings, we will customize the exact solution suited for your business. Through a rapid build process, we can fast track your transformation towards revenue generation.

Go-to-Market Operational Support.

Creating a product is only just the beginning. Through our internal experts and horizontal integrations in the on-demand community,

our team hustles with our corporate partners to ensure effective launches and continuous improvement. 



MyKuya is an on-demand services platform that enables its users to hire partners to assist them in any task. Through its proprietary matching algorithm, trained and qualified staff are made available to individuals and businesses with a tap on their smartphones. The app is equipped with rich-media chat function, robust ratings feature and seamless payments that allow users to conveniently get the job done.


It has close to 100,000 downloads and was one of the essential consumer tools during the COVID-19 lockdown in Metro Manila, Philippines.  

Let's Connect

We are ready to help you discover, build, launch and scale your on-demand venture.

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